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Full/Cat-Back Systems

A full/cat-back system is an exhaust system that improves performance and horsepower, and creates that low, rumbling sound from the engine that so many car enthusiasts strive towards. These parts are generally bought by those who are really passionate about taking their vehicles up to the next level, though they can be used by just about anyone wanting to make improvements to their car.

Usually, a full/cat-back system will replace the factory-fitted muffler and exhaust pipe arrangement. Because the system is fitted after the catalytic converter, it does not have an impact on exhaust gas emissions and it does not alter factory emission output. This is an obvious benefit if you’re looking to make small modifications without giving your vehicle a complete overhaul at this stage. Many people also enjoy the look of full/cat-back systems, making them popular amongst those looking to get their cars up to professional show standard.

If you’re unsure about what exactly you need for your car, refer to your manual for further instructions. Once you know what you’re looking for, browse through the selection available here from LK Performance. You’ll find parts for every make and model imaginable. Why not place your order today? You’ll be on the fast track to a car that even the modification heavyweights would be proud of.

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