Full/Cat-Back Systems for Ford Focus Mk2

An exhaust is an essential component of any motorised vehicle, carrying away the harmful elixir of gases that a working engine creates, and ensuring you and your passengers don’t choke yourselves into an early grave. Different vehicles require different exhaust systems, and an upgrade for your Ford Focus Mk2 is largely down to your own taste and size of wallet. For many of us motor-lovers, an exhaust upgrade is one of our first adjustments when buying a new vehicle. Factory-issued systems do a fine enough job but are made with noise-reduction in mind. If an engine is being made to keep quiet, it’s losing some of its performance strength, so an exhaust upgrade can really get the most from your vehicle as well. Full/cat-back systems are one of the most popular upgrades on the market, and usually comprise at least a muffler and tailpipe. Without affecting the function of your catalytic converters, they free up the flow of your exhaust, allowing the engine to work at maximum capacity. They’re also popular as they happen to emit one of the loudest roars of any exhaust system, and any petrol head worth his salt likes to advertise when he’s in town. Milltek Sports is a fine cat-back system for your car, available here at LK Performance.

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