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Winter Tyres

What are winter tyres?

Most cars in the UK are fitted with summer tyres as standard, and some with all-season tyres. Winter tyres, however, are designed to improve performance and safety in cold temperatures and when driving on snow and ice. Winter tyres are just one aspect of preparing your car for the cold weather, check out our guide on preparing your car for winter driving for more tips.

The main differences in the composition of winter tyres are the rubber compound and the tread blocks. The compound uses a higher amount of natural rubber within the mix to create a softer material that helps tyre cling to the road whereas a harder, more rigid compound would have trouble maintaining grip on the surface. The changes to the tread come in the form of deeper grooves and the presence of sipes on the surface. All of this helps to gather loose snow and use it to increase grip when driving in snowy conditions.

Why do I need winter tyres?

With winter fast approaching, the thermometers are falling, and that means ice will be back on the roads. Although there are no legal requirements to change to winter tyres, the benefits to driving performance and safety are unquestionable. By adhering to safe winter driving advice, properly maintaining your car, and using winter tyres, you can greatly reduce your risk of an accident and keep yourself mobile in all but the most extreme weather, wherever you live.

Winter tyres aren't just for those driving on un-gritted country lanes. According to the Institute for Traffic Accident Research (VUFO), 68% of all winter accidents happen in urban areas. One important thing to remember is that while there is no legal requirement to use winter tyres in the United Kingdom, several other European countries mandate their use in winter conditions. Below you can see what the laws are in each country.

Which European Countries Require Them?



No Regulations

Please note that nations in the "Recommended" category may have specific local or regional laws that can vary, it’s important to check your route before visiting these countries.

How do they work?

Because winter tyres are made from a different compound of rubber, it means their benefits aren’t limited to thicker treads for the snow. They also reduce the risk of aquaplaning and improve braking in all conditions when the temperature goes under 7°C.

Stopping Distances on Icy Roads

Braking on Icy Roads From 20mph to Rest

Stopping Distances
Stopping Distances

Braking on Icy Roads From 30mph to Rest

Stopping Distances
Stopping Distances

Where can I get my winter tyres fitted?

At LK Performance we offer an expert fitting service for your newly bought winter tyres at our showroom in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire. If you want to book a fitting for your car then you simply need give us a call on 01274 936040 and we’ll find a time that is convenient for you.

Why we recommend winter packages

It's not just your tyres that you can optimise for the winter – buying a tyre and wheel package ensures that you have the strongest, most well engineered alloy wheels with the perfect tyres on top, ensuring that you have an ideal solution to brave this tough winter..

Which winter tyres are right for me?

Preparing your car for winter varies by what car you have and the roads upon which you drive. Proper maintenance will always account for the specific factors that are unique to your situation, and winter tyres are no exception.

Besides the size of tyre you need it’s important to choose a winter tyre that will match the conditions near you. If the roads near you are susceptible to either heavy rainfall, but not much snow, then the Michelin Alpin might be the tyre for you. Or if you live in the countryside with its snow-laden roads and lack of regular gritting, then the Continental COTS830P may be the high performing tyre you need.

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