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All of our tyres are available to order online from LK Performance and are purposely fitted to a wide range of different car manufacturers and models and meet an array of differing needs and requirements.

When you buy our tyres, you are always supplied with a high-quality tyre to provide total and comprehensive overall satisfaction. LK Performance is dedicated to providing the best service possible, so have committed to ensuring that the tyres supplied will always meet the needs and requirements of the customer in terms of performance, innovation and delivery speed.

This is a guarantee every time you shop with LK Performance for your tyres and will never change, so why not take a look and see what they have to offer you?

Get New Tyres With Your Alloy Wheels

When setting your vehicle, our system will be able to find the exact tyre size you need for your car; however, if you would like assistance during your shopping experience with us today, we have an expert team of alloy wheel and tyre specialists on hand over the phone.

Understanding Tyre Sidewall Markings

On every tyre, the size is marked on the side tyre wall. No matter the brand or size, it will always be shown as width, profile, and then diameter.

For example, if your tyre shows “P185/40R17” this means:

  • 185 = The width of the tyre in mm
  • 40 = The sidewall height in relation to the tyre width shown as a percentage
  • 17 = The tyre diameter (this must be the same as the alloy wheel diameter)
Tyre Size Guide

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