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Panel Filter

Panel filters are fitted as standard by most car manufacturers, and are known for being highly cost-effective. Of course though, they only last a certain amount of time before general wear and tear means that they have to be replaced.

Older panel fitters can start to get clogged up, and this can have an adverse impact on the overall performance of your car. You may find that without regular replacements, a vehicle won’t run at its maximum potential.

 Many drivers have also reported more efficient fuel consumption as a result of fitting new panel filters. Quite simply, you are no longer choking your engine, so it can perform to a higher standard. If you’re worried about fuel costs and you’ve noticed that you’re spending more at the petrol station these days, panel filters come highly recommended and could make a noticeable difference.

 Here at LK Performance, we stock panel filters to suit a wide range of cars. If you’re unsure about what you need, refer to your vehicle’s manual for further instructions. Though changing a panel filter can be a relatively simple job, it can have a big affect on the overall performance of your car.

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