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Winter Alloy / Steel Wheels

During winter the conditions of the roads tend to be more changeable and as result, you might notice an increase in the dirt on your wheels. Thanks to the regular salting and gritting of the roads in order to combat the cold weather this can gave a detrimental effect on your car, especially if you leave it for long periods of time. Leaving the car untended to can lead to the salt corroding the paint finish on your wheels, which would then lead to the paint flaking off as well as white water marks beneath the lacquer. In fact, customers should avoid wheels with polished sections – these are the most susceptible areas to this corrosion. Instead, you would be better off choosing a set of wheels that is a single, solid colour. They are easier to maintain throughout the year and are easier to clean for an additional bonus.

Many people decide that the best way to combat this problem is to have special alloys fitted for the winter. LK Performance offers a selection of Winter Alloy Wheels that we highly recommend to customers. Not only are they practical and keep your car secure throughout those colder months, but they can also help your car to look its best. It’s a common misconception that the functional nature of winter wheels renders their designs dull and interesting, but this isn’t the case at LK Performance. We offer a wide range of manufacturers that have produced some fantastic designs that don’t lose out on their practicality through hard wearing paint finishes to withstand the Winter abuse. Every year the winter seems to be colder and snow is a much more common occurrence these days, so the winter alloy market is steadily growing all the time.

If you are looking for something cheaper but just as durable and practical, then customers might consider a set of steel wheels instead; they make for a cost-effective choice when fitted purely for winter use.

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