Fitting Accessories

Our FREE fitting kit supplies our customers with a new set of wheel bolts or nuts, provided depending on the vehicle specification, and 4 free spigot rings. We will only provide customers with new bolts or nuts if the wheel fitments are not designed to accept the original wheel bolts or nuts.

What’s the Difference Between Nuts and Bolts?

Nuts are used to fasten the wheel to the vehicle if it has studs coming out of the hub. Vehicles without studs, meanwhile, use bolts to fasten the wheel to the hub. Bolts and nuts come in various sizes and types to be used on different wheels.

What are Spigot Rings?

Spigot rings are either made of plastic or metal in order to ensure perfect alignment and fit of your wheels when the centre bore and the diameter of the hub lip to differ. Spigot rings thus ensure better comfort and security for your alloy wheels but they will only be supplied if necessary.

What are Wheel Spacers?

Wheel spacers will reduce the offset of your wheel if it’s too high for your vehicle. This will then push the wheel further out so it sits correctly in relation to the vehicle’s arches and bodywork. They also widen your choice of wheels, as they allow you to fit wheels to a care that isn’t made in a direct fitment. You can even use them for aesthetic purposes if you so choose.

Do I need Locking Nuts/Bolts?

Locking nuts or bolts are an essential accessory to ensure the safety of your wheels. Locking nuts or bolts are simple to use; just tighten one into each wheel in place of a standard nut or bolt in order to prevent theft! The kit provides you with 4 of these and is relevant to the vehicle’s fitments; the only other thing to know about is the key that you use to lock the bolts or nuts onto the car. 


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