Engine Tuning

Engine tuning involves adjusting the internal combustion engine. This is usually carried out to improve performance, power output, economy of fuel, or durability. Regular tuning is often required as part of a car’s routine servicing, in line with recommendations in the vehicle’s manual. Though cars today will usually only need tuning approximately every ten years, some drivers choose to make modifications that will optimise the usage of their vehicles. 


Typically, a routine tune-up carried out by a mechanic will include replacement of the filters, and inspection of emission controls. They should then go on to inspect and possibly replace the ignition system components, which contains contact breaker points and spark plugs. 


Getting more in-depth, performance tuning is popular amongst many car enthusiasts, and can bring a vehicle up to professional show standards. If a car is going to be competing in races, for example, the default factory design simply won’t cut it. 


And that’s where LK Performance steps in. 


We stock primary elements you need to complete engine tuning tasks. With the process needing such exact attention to detail (it’s imperative you balance all the components incorporated in engine tuning so they collaborate in excelling your engine performance), we are more than happy to offer over-the-phone and email guidance. 


We aim to satisfy any orders, whether you’re fulfilling some routine servicing, or you have more ambitious projects. In any case, take a browse at our products. If you have uncertainties, we are always at the other end of a phone. 


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