Tyres Explained

Let’s take a look at how an alloy wheel fitment is determined and how we decide on which tyres to use.

Tyre Size:

There are 3 specific measurements that you need to keep in mind when looking at a tyre: width, profile and diameter. The diameter of the tyre needs to match the diameter of the wheel exactly, but this isn’t hard to work out as all cars come with recommended tyre sizes, just in case you choose to upgrade to a new set of alloys. If you are changing to a different tyre size, you need to calculate and convert it to the correct tyre size your vehicle needs.

LK Performance can help customers to find the right tyre sizes for their vehicles, including both the Front and Rear Axles, so you will never have to pay more than is fair.

Tyres Supplied here at LK Performance

LK Performance offers a wide range of UK and European makes of tyres to suit various needs and requirements. We understand that everyone has a different idea of what they want from their tyres and is looking for particular features, so our range is broad enough to accommodate these requirements. If you’re looking for improved durability, better grip or even something as simple as a reduction of noise when you’re out on the road, LK Performance aims to meet your expectations.

Upgrading Tyres

LK Performance prides itself on its high performance tyre upgrades, which are at extremely competitive prices compared to the rest of the market. Apart from improving the aesthetic appearance of your vehicle there are several on the road benefits to high performance tyres, the top 5 are listed below:

1. Improved grip

2. Better safety when driving at high speeds

3. Increased durability

4. Improved fuel consumption

5. Reduced noise

If you would like to know more about our tyre upgrades or want to enquire about a tyre requirement that isn’t listed on the website, you can call us on 01274 877787.

Tyre Sidewall Markings – What do they mean?












You can find the tyre size marked on the side tyre wall. These markings indicate the width, profile and diameter of the tyre.

For example a 300/50R18 tyre means:

300 = The width of the tyre (mm)

50 = The height of the Tyre’s sidewall in relation to the width of the tyre. This is shown as a percentage

18 = The diameter of the Tyre (must equal the alloy wheel diameter)

Your Vehicle

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