Your brakes are a crucial component that get used every time you drive your car. Lack of care can cause the pads to wear down, significantly reducing their effectiveness and increasing the risk of brake fade. This will trigger inefficiencies that affect the car’s overall performance, and without mention, a safety hazard. 


There are also a number of other specifications to consider when it comes to brakes on your car.


One consideration is, following an upgrade in any circumstance (spoilers/alloys/engine tuning…), whether it is a complete change or merely the improvement of certain components, your car’s acceleration, stopping and slowing power will be altered. To match these, your car will benefit from certain additional improvements in the braking department depending on the make and model. This has a tendency of spiralling to incorporate further upgrades to match the same standards and to maintain your vehicles peak optimisation. 


If, for example, you upgrade to larger diameter brakes, you may also require larger diameter wheels to be fitted in order for the brakes to work at utmost efficiency.


Your car’s weight will also determine the requirements you have for your brakes. As such modifications like a subwoofer, or spoiler will increase your stopping distance.  We strive to work with you to meet all the necessary needs you have when it comes to car customisation. Be sure to ask for more information if you’re interested.


If you are thinking about upgrading your brakes but aren’t sure where to start, feel free to consult us at LK Performance. We will discuss with you which products are the most suitable for your car. We can help you to choose the most appropriate upgrade and ensure that your car runs at ultimate performance. 


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