Intercoolers for Vauxhall (Opel) Astra

As the name suggests, intercoolers stop engines overheating, and are devised for turbo or supercharged engines. When working at full throttle, these engines create hot, compressed air. This passes through an intercooler, transferring the heat before it’s expelled into the atmosphere or a secondary cooling system. Intercoolers are a fine addition to your Vauxhall (Opel) Astra as they’ll allow you to get the most out of the engine. They’ll also reduce wear and tear in the long run. Intercoolers come in two styles – water coolers or air coolers. Water coolers use H20 to absorb the heat caused by the engine, before passing the heated water to another cooling system. Air coolers have a system of tubes which absorb the heat, and usually expel the warmed air through a grill at the front of the car. Although water is generally the most efficient method, air coolers are more common due to their compact size and affordability. At LK Performance we can provide a textbook match for your car with our range of intercoolers from Forge. Forge

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