Dump Valves for Vauxhall (Opel) Astra

Cutting down on engine wear, a dump valve exists to emit pressure build-up in a turbocharged engine. They release compressed air back into the atmosphere, ensuring your Vauxhall (Opel) Astra compressor outlet is never overloaded. Given their function, a dump valve is also known as a bypass or blow-off valve. Although some perform their job in silence, a hissing noise stemming from your car’s engine is usually the sound of a dump valve at work. A dump valve is fitted between the compressor and the throttle body. Turbochargers pressurise air into the engine, but when a driver performs certain tasks, such as a gear change, the throttle body closes, preventing the release of air. Without a dump valve, the air is pushed back towards the turbocharger, which can lead to stalling. Have one in place and the air should be released, reducing the excess pressure and limiting engine wear. It’s essential to find a dump valve that’s right for your Forge. Forge . Valves come in all shapes and sizes and compatibility is everything – fit the wrong one and an overloaded compressor with an insufficient dump valve can cause far greater problems than stalling. LK Performance will ensure a happy marriage for your dump valve and car. Browse our range at LK Performance and get it right first time.

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