Suspension Kit for Ford Mondeo Mk2

Suspension kits include springs, shock absorbers, bushes, bearings and arms. They can be used to affect the performance and handling of a vehicle. They are often designed to match driving styles, vehicles and terrains. LK Performance stock suspension kits for Ford Mondeo Mk2 . We stock suspension kits for the front or back tyres of a vehicle or the car as a whole. Choose between dependant and independent suspension kits. Dependent suspension kits use a single system for a pair of wheels, linking the two tyres together. This means that any impacts on one wheel is spread between both. Most aftermarket kits are independent. Independent suspension kits provide each wheel with its own suspension, allowing tyres to react to changes in terrain individual. This results in a smoother and more versatile ride. It is important to buy suspension kits from reputable brands such as KW because it is an essential component of the car so it is important to buy a high quality product.

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