Silicone Hose Kits for Volkswagen Golf Mk5

Even the greatest car enthusiast can be forgiven for not knowing the purpose of the hoses and pipes found under the bonnet of your Volkswagen Golf Mk5 . The first thing to bear in mind is that no two pipes perform the same task, and should one need replacing, an exact copy is required – right down to the make of your motor. Let’s take hoses first. Depending on their purpose, hoses can be made of various different types of metal or rubber. A fuel hose does the job of feeding the engine. A vacuum hose looks after a car’s general well-being, ensuring it runs at maximum capacity without pushing itself beyond its limits. Radiator hoses stop the car from overheating. Pipes are usually related to a car’s exhaust – tailpipes, for example, are present to expel noxious gases from the vehicle. Even if two pipes or hoses look the same, they’ll usually have a completely different function, be made of different materials and be able to withstand differing heats and pressures. Forge. Forge will ensure a happy marriage for your hoses, pipes and car. Shop with LK Performance and ensure you’ve got precisely the right part for the job in hand – it simply isn’t worth the engine damage otherwise.

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