Induction Kits for Toyota MR2

Induction kits are one of the most common car tuning projects, largely because they are simple, affordable and effective. In essence, an induction kit is an air filter. Most cars have air filters mounted in an air box, with filters made from paper to stop particles, dust and dirt getting into the engine. The airbox that houses the filters is designed to reduce noise. However, filters can get clogged, greasy or grimy and this affects the performance of the engine. An induction kit completely replaces the air intake box, creating better airflow, especially at higher revs. Be delivering cleaner and colder air to the engine, it adds power and also creates the familiar roaring sound of a tuned engine. It does this by adding a cold air feed pipe and a shield to protect the filter and engine from higher temperatures. There are many designs and styles of induction kits and they can vary in terms of quality and effectiveness. Brands like Jetex found in the LK Performance range, and suitable for cars such as Toyota MR2 , can really make a big difference to an engine for a relatively small investment.

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