Induction Kits for Mazda MX5

Induction kits simply allow an engine to suck in air more easily, and are often used to replace the paper filters that come with cars as standard. They are extremely popular amongst car modification enthusiasts, mainly due to the deep sound that it creates from the engine. In high performance engines and turbo engines, some drivers have reported that they’ve noticed performance improvements.

Though the subject is very much the topic of debate, it has been suggested that adding an induction kit can improve fuel efficiency. With an adjusted driving style that makes less use of the throttle, you may see better MPG. Still though, the fact remains that these parts are largely designed to create the desirable deep noise that many modified cars boast.

Generally, induction kits are very easy to fit, and most can be installed in less than 5 minutes with very little technical equipment. Of course, it’s also a very simple job for a skilled mechanic, if you decide that you need some professional help.

Here at LK Performance, we stock a wide range of induction kits for use across all makes and models of car. If you’re looking for the right parts to facilitate your modification project, you’ve come to the right place.

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