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Black Rhino Attica

Black Rhino Attica

Matte Black With Black Bolts

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Call us on 01274 936040

From the city streets to off-road driving, Black Rhino Wheels has you and your vehicle covered. If you are looking for robust, yet bold and sleek looking alloy wheels for your truck or SUV, then you have come to the right place! At LK Performance, we stock an extensive range of Black Rhino alloy wheels, specially designed for your truck or SUV. Give your vehicle the upgrade it deserves at the best possible price. 


Black Rhino Alloys Are Diverse And Bold

Black Rhino Wheels was born of South African heritage and is named after the tough and mighty Black Rhino. Our choice of Black Rhino alloy wheels are fully diverse, constructed with a large range of trucks and SUVs models in mind.

These Black Rhino alloys are built with a negative offset that compliments your truck or SUV perfectly, creating that extreme lift that all truck riders endeavour. This way, you are provided with your off-road beast with the aggressive stance that your vehicle demands. We know that you want your vehicle to resemble your personality. This is why Black Rhino are the perfect addition to your SUV as they are determined to provide distinctive finishes, head-turning designs and great quality alloys. 

If your truck or SUV is more suited for the smaller roads, our range of Black Rhino alloy wheels are still ideal for you. They come in a range of versatile finishes such as gloss gunmetal, matte black and gloss black. So, if you want that contemporary look to set your truck or SUV apart from all other vehicles then these alloys are perfect. 

The wheels offset is more positive and will still allow you to use it on your vehicle with a mild lift or stock appearance. The wheels come in a variety of sizes, from 17" to 24", all depending on what is ideal for your truck or SUV. So, what are you waiting for? If you have a 12" lift with dual shocks or you have that aggressive street truck, Black Rhino off-road truck wheels and SUV wheels are the ones for you!


Buying Black Rhino Alloy Wheels from LK Performance

Here at LK Performance, we guarantee our customers the best quality products and the best service that we can offer. Not only will your Black Rhino alloy wheels meet and exceed your needs and requirements but so will the speed of delivery and service from LK Performance as well. Browse through our vast selection of high-quality Black Rhino Alloy Wheels today. Once you have clicked into a product page, please double-check that these Black Rhino wheels will fit your car successfully using our fitment guide. 

With your purchase, you will be provided with a free fitting kit and speedy UK delivery. If you’re not sure, please contact LK Performance on 01274 936040 or contact us directly via email or using our enquiry form for guidance, or for further advice. We now offer a price match promise on all our Black Rhino wheels, so feel free to enquire regarding pricing too.


EU Tyre Labelling: What does it all mean?

Tyre labelling for all passenger cars and light trucks has taken affect from 1 November 2012 under the European Regulation No: 1222/2009. This new regulation is intended to reduce the impact tyres have on the environment and the graphics used to represent the differences in tyres are similar to the ones used to review household appliances.

The labelling classifies three different areas of performance from A to G, however D is not going to be used as a classification to clearly differentiate between the top three grads A, B & C and the bottom three E, F & G.

Compare Fuel Economy

The energy lost when a tyre rolls is expressed as ‘rolling resistance’, and tyres with lower rolling resistances will use less energy which will increase your fuel economy. Tyres classified as ‘A’ are the more economical and have the least rolling resistance, and tyres classified as ‘G’ have the poorest full economy and the most rolling resistance.

If you fitted tyres that are classified as ‘A’ instead of ‘G’ you could save up to £110 or 80 litres of fuel for the life of the tyres (results can vary depending on the type of car or climate conditions)

Compare Wet Grip

The more grip a tyre gives you in wet weather conditions the safer the journey will be. Wheels always take longer to stop in wet conditions but tyres with a good web grip classification will have a shorter stopping distance than those with a ‘G’ classification.

The difference in breaking from 50mph across two grades is 3metres, meaning the difference between an ‘A’ classification and a ‘G’ classification is 18 metres.

Compare Noise Emissions

The final area tested is the exterior noise grading in decibels, with the decibel rating included alongside one to three black sound waves. One black wave is the quietest and three back sound waves are the noisiest. The introduction of noise emission tests is intended to encourage users to purchase quieter tyres which will help to reduce noise pollution.


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Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

TPMS is a built-in monitoring system for the tyre pressure in motor vehicles. Automatic and direct indication as a warning on the display when a problem occurs in one or more tyres due to a pressure loss.

Having TPMS fitted improves the safety of a vehicle by monitoring and reporting low or over-inflated tyres, reducing the chances of a blowout. In addition to this, having correctly inflated tyres increases the life of the tyre and can help improve fuel efficiency.

All vehicles fitted with TPMS, registered after 1st January 2012 will require the TPMS to be tested as part of the MOT. This means, if your vehicle falls into this category, missing sensors could result in a fail on the MOT test.

LK Performance has the tools, diagnostic equipment, and expertise to ensure your TPMS are fitted correctly

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