Commercial Alloy Wheels

When you come to LK Performance for your van’s new alloys, you might be struck by how many great advanced van wheel options there are available to you. While LK Performance does offer a fantastic range of top brand alloy wheels, it’s important that our customers know the importance of ensuring that their vehicle is properly fitted to ensure the best experience possible.

Vans are designed for a specific purpose and differ greatly from an average car. While cars are meant as people carriers, vans are made to bear heavy load, and as a result they need to be designed with enough strength in order to support its intended capacities. This extends to the van’s wheels, so when the time comes to choose your new alloys you need to be confident that they are capable of supporting your van’s intended capacities as well. Under UK law your van’s wheels and tyres are required to either meet or exceed the maximum axle load on the front and rear end in order to be acceptable to drive. Failing to do this is not only against the law but will also affect your insurance policy as well, so it’s extremely important that you end up with the right tyres and wheels. Some of the most popular vans we sell wheels for are VW Transporter T5 and Transit Vans.

Luckily at LK Performance we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality, high-strength products that won’t just be good for your van, but will also help it to look its best. These range from the standard commercial look favoured by people that use their vans on a professional level to the more unique designs in various different colours for your enjoyment. LK Performance only offers the very best in brands from all around the world, so customers can rest assured that they will be receiving the best service as well as products that guarantee security, safety and strength.