Alloy Wheels and Tyre Packages

Custom Alloy Wheel And Tyre Packages, Made to Suite Your Needs:

At LK Performance we are committed to supplying our customers with a package that are made to suit their requirements, though of course customers should be aware that there are limits as to what tyres can be fitted to particular vehicle and wheels so it’s not a 100% guarantee. 

However, we do want to ensure that our customers are given the best advice about their tyres and be confident that they will walk away understanding their vehicle better. The tyres you choose must be suitable for the intended use, so at LK Performance we adhere to manufacturer guides for your safety.

If the particular tyre size or tyre brand isn't listed on our website, then please feel free to contact us on the telephone for advice and guidance.

Tyre Fitting & Balancing:

At LK Performance, we understand that treating your new wheels with care and respect is very important, as a poor fitting can lead to damaging your wheels or tyres. At LK Performance we have a dedicated team of tyre fitters who will oversee the process with due care and attention to ensure that the wheel is kept intact.

Fitting Accessories come FREE of Charge:*

If you find yourself in need of fitted accessories, LK Performance will make sure you get them and FREE of charge to boot. Sometimes fittings are required in order to make sure that the fitment of your wheels are correct and safe. Customers should note that some specialist fitments are designed to make use of the vehicle's standard fitting.

Top 5 Alloy Wheel Fitting Accessories