Air Ride for Aston Martin Vantage

Check out the Aston Martin Vantage air ride suspension kits from LK Performance, stockists of performance parts and components since 2003. By upgrading with the Aston Martin Vantage air ride suspension you'll increase the car's road-control plus its speed and style, making your drive that much more enjoyable. As we say at LK Performance: It's not about fashion but practicality. With a simple flick of a switch, even while mobile on the road, the Aston Martin Vantage air ride will increase and decrease the ground clearance of the car. So if you're approaching a speed hump, for example, or an even trickier obstacle, you can quickly raise the ride-height and protect your car's undercarriage from scrapes and costlier damage. Another benefit of our Aston Martin Vantage air suspension kits is the speed increase it offers when lowering the ride-height. Naturally, the nearer your car is to the ground the faster it'll drive. So if you want to order the Aston Martin Vantage air ride today, or if you've any questions, call us on 01274 936040.

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