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When it comes to clutches, upgrades are necessary when there is a higher requirement of performance from your car (in races/shows etc), or when elements of the engine have been altered in a way that differs from the manufacturer’s standards. There are two different kinds of clutches: a softer, lighter clutch, and a harder, heavier clutch. The softer clutch makes it easier for you to shift gears and offers a more luxurious style of driving, and these are generally the clutches of the everyday road vehicle.


Hard clutches, however, are favoured by specialist sports drivers that have more need for immediate power and speed. They require more effort to operate, as the ‘spring’ sensation of the pedal is far tougher, and pretty much eradicate any sense of smoothness when it comes to driving. In this sense, an upgrade increases how much torque the clutch can handle.  


This change to the clutch will also extend the holding power of your car, so if you have plans to utilise every ounce of your vehicle’s horsepower, than a clutch upgrade is a must. 


Many people think that changing their clutch will give you extra power, but this is not true. Instead, changing the clutch will help you to take better advantage of the power you already have. Alongside your new clutch, you might want to address a change to the flywheel for an increase in performance; the opportunities are limitless. Consult an LK Performance specialist to see what sort of upgrade is right for your car.


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