Euro/Retro Alloys wheels

LK Performance doesn’t just specialise in products for the UK market, it also deals in Euro Alloy Wheels. Take a look through our stock to see a mix of classic and contemporary Euro brands and designs, including 3SDM, Rotiform, Watercooled, Klutch, Cades, BBS, etc for our customers to browse through and choose from.

At LK Performance we have a committed team of specialists to ensure that your car is fitted with a legal Euro setup; they have a comprehensive and detailed understanding of corresponding wheel sizes and how much tyre stretch can be safely achieved, all you have to do is ask one of our specialists to get your car fitted with the right alloys. We understand that the perfect Euro setup is a popular one and sought after by many of our customers, but we also understand that it is also a complicated business and process that requires specialist knowledge and assistance.

Customers should always keep in mind that your car will still need to be able to perform the way it was built to perform whilst stating both safe for the road and legal to drive. For example, it’s a pretty good chance that the fancy car you saw in that magazine isn’t going to be right for you; that car is a show car, and show cars actually driven on UK highways and roads. Your car, however, must meet the legal requirements of the UK Highway Laws as well as MOT regulations in order to preserve and maintain the safety and security of yourself and other road users.

Customers should also bear in mind that there are several companies out there that claim to be experts in Euro setups but actually lack that crucial specialist knowledge. We advise that customers ensure that they receive the most accurate information and advice by going through a company like LK Performance, where we have specialists available.